RetargetApp is now a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology

November 1, 2016

Our mission has always been to make retargeting easy and efficient and it feels awesome to be appreciated for what you do. This month was very special for us — we earned a Facebook Marketing Partner badge! Hooray! 🎉(winning dance 💃)

Here is what the badge looks like:

Facebook Marketing Partner Program badge

It is a major milestone 💪 The Facebook Marketing Partner program recognizes companies-experts that help drive innovation on Facebook advertising platform and build solutions to overcome real business challenges. It includes more than 140 companies – certified experts at helping advertisers use Facebook effectively.

Retargeting ads created by RetargetApp application solve a seemingly eternal problem of customers leaving an online store without buying the product by showing them ads with this very product right inside their Facebook Newsfeed or Instagram.
For example, Mika Casey as sole owner at one of the biggest martial arts store in U.S. MMAWarehouse used RetargetApp to re-engage visitors who left without making a purchase, resulting in a 30x ROAS without spending time integrating and managing Facebook Dynamic Ads technology.

What’s next?

As a Facebook Marketing Partner we’ll continue to offer you user-friendly and innovative solutions for your Facebook retargeting strategy 👍 We’ll do our best to receive necessary help from the program in order to make retargeting even more efficient and easy 😉

Check out RetargetApp page on Facebook Marketing Partner Directory.

P. S. Get in touch with us to have a chat with our lovely team about your Facebook dynamic ads 😊

  • DeJon Paris

    Great job team! Keep making us all a ton of money :)

    • Pavel Matvienko

      We don’t have another choice :)