New Retargetapp has arrived! Fully automated Facebook Dynamic Ads with RetargetApp.

June 29, 2015

Hi there!

Since our beta launch 2 month ago, effortless and quicker process of creating a retargeting campaign has been the #1 feature request from our first clients, which makes me so excited to announce that…

You can now start your Facebook Dynamic Advertising campaign on Facebook via just one click with RetargetApp!

>>>>Start your Product Dynamic Ads with RetargetApp<<<<

Now, everyone, including those who still don’t have a Product Catalog Sales objective , can start Facebook Dynamic Ads and convert their store visitors into buyers!

Retargetapp updates include the following features:

  • Autoconnecting and updating product catalog (if you change price or add new products, this info will be updated in your ads automatically)
  • Fully automated process of creating Facebook Dynamic Ads (no need to use a step-by-step guide to start)
  • Bidding algorithm that makes your purchases cheaper and more frequent
  • Simple figures that show campaign results

In order to get started, get RetargetApp for your Shopify store and follow our easy onboarding. We charge 10% of each new campaign and won’t withdraw any additional commissions from store transactions.

Those who have already installed pixels and run their Facebook Dynamic Ads, don’t panic, all your current campaigns will go on running. But if you decide to launch a new campaign through the updated Retargetapp, your previously installed pixels will be substituted by the new ones and the running Product Catalog Sales campaign will stop.

If anything comes to your mind— questions on how to use, looking for some cool Retargeting tips, high fives, anything! — hit comment to this post, and our team will get right back to you.

P.S. I had an awesome privilege of working side-by-side with an amazing teammate on getting RetargetApp fully automated up and running. Huge thanks to Volodymyr (engineering) for helping get this shipped!

P.P.S. We’d love to connect with you on Facebook! We’re currently publishing a new article on retargeting campaign you should start, the pieces that inspire us, and the social media tips we use every day.