December 21, 2016

Are you aware that 50% of Christmas shoppers buy their gifts online? As for the average sum being spent on gifts — I bet you didn’t know that`s $752! Sounds cool as for an online shop owner, doesn’t it?. Alright, as you already understand, you need to get your retargeting campaign ready for Christmas and in this post we will tell you about:

  • What to do before Christmas
  • Christmas day tasks
  • Jobs after Christmas

What to do before Christmas [December 20th–24th]

It’s time when your shoppers are waiting for wonderful sales, merry X-mas wishes and holiday decorations all around. You just can’t let them down.

Change your ad message to make your ad copy personal and be in trend for Christmas: use dynamic tags like {{}}, {{product.price}} — you may even use {{product.current_price}} if you have already set discounted prices in Shopify. Consider including questions to customers and describing advantages of shopping with you. In a word, grab their attention and make them click on the ad! Here is what we suggest:

  • Looking for a Christmas gift? We have the best products for you. Come and check!
  • Get your {{}} for only {{product.current_price}}! Choose your FREE  SHIPPING/SAME-DAY-SHIPPING/GIFT WRAPPING! Check in store!
  • It’s a Christmas gift! Get your {{}} for only {product.current_price}}! Shop now!
  • Get your {{}} ready for Christmas! Free Gift Wrapping!  Shop now!
  • Christmas SALE! Are you ready? Discounted {{}} for you! Get it  now for {{product.current_price}!
  • It’s a gift! Get your {{}} for only {product.current_price}}! Shop now and Merry Christmas!

Increase your daily budget because you expect more visitors to your store on holiday period and higher budget will let your retargeting campaign reach as many customers as possible. Choose the next available daily budget option on the RetargetApp Dashboard.

Christmas day tasks [December 25th]

Your customers are happy after unwrapping gifts, you can make them even happier with gift cards and nice X-mas wishes.

Set a hot Christmas-themed ad message. It goes without saying that your ad message should be different on Christmas day. You may just wish customers happy holidays in your ad text or offer them a gift card (instruction how to set it), whatever you opt for make sure it sounds and looks nice. Below are our ideas for the ad message, feel free to use them for your campaign =)

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have a present for you! Remember you viewed {{}}? Now it’s only {{product.current_price}}! Get yours now!
  • Pssst…Are you still looking for a Christmas present? We have Gift Certificates! Let them choose what gift they want! Get now and Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas! Check our amazing {{}}! We also have Gift Cards! Shop now!
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Get your stuff now and save up to X% with the coupon code XOFF. Only today! Shop now! (if you intend to use this one, first you will need to set a coupon discount in Shopify store).

Christmas is time to go beyond the limits. Experiment with changing your 5-product carousel ad to a 1-product ad to make your ad look more natural in the news feed (to set it, please, contact RetargetApp support team).

Jobs after Christmas [December 26th-31st]

Holiday is over, however, you need to go on working with your audience to show that you care and to catch last shoppers who are willing to make a purchase.

Send out emails to your customers asking if they liked the purchase (if they, actually, purchased from you).This would be great to build loyalty and show that each customer is valuable for you. Asking for a product review may be one more option for you (have a look at these great examples of give-a-review email). Remember, a follow-up letter is a great way to establish long-term relations.

Use dynamic tags  {{product.price}} and {{product.current_price}} in your ad message to re-engage the customers who aren’t broke after holidays. Ad message ideas:

  • Christmas Sales GO ON! Get your {{}}! Now it’s only {{product.price}}! Hurry up and get yours!
  • We set aside {{}} for you and it’s on SALE! Get it with a discount! Buy now!


Our team wishes you happy and profitable Christmas holidays and to help you finish everything on time we created a Calendar with daily tasks!  Subscribe to our Get-Ready-Schedule and get your daily reminders.  😉


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