Introducing our very first updates

December 9, 2015

Introducing our very first updates

Just a couple of month ago we were thrilled to celebrate RetargetApp launch on Shopify platform. More than 2,000 business owners are already running Facebook Dynamic Ads with the help of our app. 2,000 is a huge number.

For us it is not just statistics – it is 2,000 amazing entrepreneurs, who share their stories using the app. We see their passion and their needs. This never fails to inspire us.

We at RetargetApp are focused on bringing all of these amazing feedbacks and requests a modern entrepreneur has to life. We want to create the most effective automated advertising experience on social networks – Pavel Matvienko, CEO at RetargetApp

Today we are happy to announce the three new possibilities: Adding a payment method, Setting daily budget and Editing the campaign. We also proudly present our Help Center and have some good news about pixels. So, here goes:

Adding payment method

RetargetApp’s new payment option works just like your favorite Ads Manager’s one. Now the app will bill you once the ad is active and actually spends money. Whenever the app charges you money, you will receive an e-mail notification with the invoice. (No more adding card each time while creating new campaign) Yay!

Setting daily budget

Tired of coming back to the website every once in a while to renew your campaign? Now you won’t have to! Just set, how much you would like to spend daily.

Your account will be charged automatically once you start a campaign and when your balance will be spent. So, now the campaign lasts until you turn it off. Hooray! Find out more on how RetargetApp charges you here.

Editing the campaign

Once the campaign is active, you will be able to:

  • Change your Ad Message
  • Change Facebook page
  • Increase/decrease daily budget
  • Put the campaign on pause.

Now you have more control over your campaign. At the same time, our support specialists will still be happy to help you if you need to alter these or any other parameters. You know, because they love you ;)

Login to RetargetApp and check it out

Some more Great News

Help Center

We have carefully analyzed all requests from our customers and are now happy to introduce the Help Center – a place, where you can find answers to some FAQ’s as well as useful tips for running a successful campaign in our Blog.

If the information in the Help Centre seems incomplete or you would like to ask for some additional details, our support is still available for you via the in-app messenger or  e-mail (

No more pixel trouble

Recently it has come to our attention that some pixels on your web site were firing twice, causing wrongly recorded conversions in Facebook reports. However, there are no more reasons to be worried – we have made sure that all pixels show all the events correctly. To ensure that there is no “love-hate” relationship between your pixels and the ones RetargetApp installs, we have modified the way Facebook reads our pixels. It should be all good now :)

What if my campaign is already launched?

If your campaign is currently active, all the changes will take effect only when you launch a new campaign. You can also stop the presently active campaign and re-launch it so that the updates apply to your account.

Note: If you’ll re-launch the campaign (to new version) all unused ad credits from previous campaign will be applied to new Campaign.

What to expect soon?

We have tried our best to improve our dashboard and very, very soon the dashboard in your app will display the date ranges of your choice along with the lifetime report. This, along with few more nice and useful features, is coming in our next release.

We are really excited about our very first update and we believe that it will make RetargetApp even easier to use. Hope you like it and can’t wait to talk to you. Drop us a message if you have any questions. 

With Love, RetargetApp team.

  • BashertJewelry

    Hey Guys I can’t re-launch or set up new campaign ?

  • Pavel Matvienko

    It’s a temporary Update:

    Hello everyone

    We’ve found some bugs which do not allow to create new campaigns for clients that were already using RetargetApp before updates. Currently we are working on fixing this issue. I’ll send an e-mail to everyone as soon as it will be fixed.

    Thank you for your understanding
    All the best