How to spend $50 on Facebook Dynamic Ads and earn $3.8k?

July 28, 2015

How to spend $50 on Facebook Dynamic Ads and earn $3.8k?

We’ve launched RetargetApp just recently and yet, there’s already a list of profitable campaigns run with it. In this article, I’ll tell you some of our clients’ success stories alongside with their feedback.

Ready Steady Go!

Client #1:

Sports Giaways

Sports Giaways, a fast-growing eCommerce platform for selling licensed sports apparel.

  • Spent: $100

Campaign Results:

  • Earned: $2,769.4

Sports Giaways's Campaign Results
We asked Boris, the co-founder, about his experience with RetargetApp, so passing the mic to Boris:

— What do you think about the ad campaign you ran with RetargetApp?

Our first retargeting campaign that we ran with RetargetApp yielded the results that were over 25x which really means that for every $1 we spent on advertising using Retargetapp, we got back over $25 in return which in my humble opinion is fantastic.

Pop Quiz: How often would you want to input $1 into a machine that spits out $25+ back at you every time? A: All Day and twice on Sunday :)

But the results that we got was not the only great thing that RetargetApp offers. Prior to using their system it took us many hours of searching and speaking to different third party companies to explain and generate a Product Feed that Facebook can use in order to even get Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) working. It took an incredible amount of time and resources and we almost ended up going with a company that charges on average $1,000/month for that service. When we came across Retargetapp, I was absolutely blown away from their plug ‘n play connection, create of Dynamic Product Feed and results we’ve generated with our very first campaign.

— What audience would you recommend other sellers to focus on to receive the same results as you?

The best possibly thing you can do for yourself to generate really good results in retargeting is to make sure that the original traffic is Quality Traffic. That it’s targeted properly and that the people you bring in as “acquisition traffic” are interested in your product/service. Then the retargeting will yield much stronger results. So much so that your biggest problem will be how to generate more targeted traffic just so you can retarget them. Our best results for an individual product inside our retargeting campaign were 122x (for every $1 spent, $122 in sales were generated). Those types of results usually come from a very tight targeted “acquisition traffic” to begin with.

— Boris, thank you so much for your comments! He loves talking about eCommerce:) For more info on how Boris Savransky brings in targeted and quality traffic, please contact him at He has a digital course regarding this topic coming soon.

Ok, let’s go on:

Client #2:

Lacey Lane an Australian children’s clothing label already rocking the fashion world with their instantly recognizable style.

  • Spent: $50

Campaign Results:

  • Earned: $3,791.01

Lacey Lane's Campaign Results
Lacey Lane possesses incredibly targeted channels and quality audience which helped them turn $50 into almost $4k in sales using Retargetapp. As you can see, giving Facebook Dynamic Ads a try is the only way to test your store’s retargeting power.

Client #3:

India’s newest and trendiest online apparel store for youth.

  • Spent: $25

Campaign Results:

  • Earned: $718.03
India’s store for youth Campaign Results


As you can see from the graph, $25 spent on the campaign returned 215 site visitors, 59 of which made a purchase. Incredible!

Why RetargetApp?

We are not robots and do a fair job of helping others grow their businesses.

Being social media experts and having extensive experience in social commerce, with a 24/7 attention, we monitor each campaign’s performance and make sure to optimize its settings to let you get more clicks with less expenses. We know that there is no silver bullet algorithm for perfect Facebook ad settings of your store.

Just imagine how great it is to have those fairies who will take care of the campaign you just published to maximize clicks and sales.
That’s why we decided to create Retargetapp to do all the tough work for you and let you enjoy sales.

If you want to increase your sales and be the next RetargetApp’s success story, Start Facebook Dynamic Ads campaign now or find out more here:
What does RetargetApp do?

P.S. A little piece of advice for both beginners and experts: Use Single-Provider Retargeting.

If you run retargeting campaigns with multiple providers, each provider will be bidding you for the same spots on the same websites, driving up media costs and decreasing the chances each of them has to serve ads to your users. Please run retargeting campaigns with one provider at a time.