November 22, 2016

Holiday shopping spree is coming and you have to get your Shopify store & retargeting campaign ready for it. Why? — The following numbers speak for themselves: the average shopper spends about 42% of holiday budget online (yikes!!) and an average sum spent online is $159.55!  Time is running out [Black Friday is on November, 25 and Cyber Monday is on the 28th] 😱 , — that is why RetargetApp team carefully picked a couple of helpful tips for you.

Here is what you’ll need to do to get the best out of your retargeting campaign:

  • Change Ad Message
  • Increase Daily Budget

Change Ad Message

Let your customers know about great deals you want to offer! Go to the app dashboard and change your ad message. Do whatever springs to mind to make your ad an eye-sore in the newsfeed (use CAPS and emoji — moderately :)). We also recommend refreshing your ad message throughout the sales week (but no more than 5 times per day). Set different ad messages before Black Friday, on it and after it.

Before Black Friday (November 20th-23rd ):

  • SALES! Get your {{}} before we sold out! Get X% DISCOUNT — just Xoff at checkout! Shop now!
  • Best BLACK FRIDAY DEALS here! Grab yours {{}} with a discount NOW!
  • HOT DEAL! Best {{}} for {{product.current_price}}! Visit store to see more!

Thanksgiving Day (November 24th):

  • Get any product with x%DISCOUNT! Only on Thanksgiving Day! Shop now!
  • Get a FREE GIFT CARD for shopping! Only on Thanksgiving Day! Shop now!
  • We want to thank you with x% discount for shopping on Thanksgiving day!  Get your {{}} with discount! Just type xoff at checkout! Shop now!

On Black Friday (November 25th):  

  • It’s Black Friday HOT DEAL! {{}} is yours for amazing {{product.current_price}}! Hurry up, it’s ONLY TODAY!
  • Grab best {{}} for only {{product.current_price}} and only on BLACK FRIDAY! 😱  Hurry up!

After Black Friday (November 26th-27th):

  • Extended SALE! Only today! Get {{}} for only {{product.current_price}}! Hurry up!
  • DISCOUNTed weekend! BLACK FRIDAY goes on! Get {{}} now! It’s yours for only {{product.current_price}}! Buy now!

Check our article with a few handy tips on writing ad message or drop a line to RetargetApp support team if your inspiration took a day off 😉

Increase daily budget

Writing the ad message was a warm-up set, now you need to adjust a daily budget for the retargeting campaign you run with RetargetApp. The reason is very simple: Facebook shows ads on a basis of auction and when the sales season is just around the corner, competition for users’ eyes gets higher and advertising cost grows (as this research states). Hence, the same funds may reach fewer customers on Thanksgiving hot deals season. Make sure your daily budget is a bit higher than usual as you can’t miss a single buyer on Black Friday. Or can you? 🤔

Extra tips

Get more traffic to your Shopify store.

  • Be active on your Facebook Fan page: set a custom cover for your store Fan page, create posts, encourage comments and discussions (ask your page visitors what products they want to have the biggest discount for). Get likes and let more people know about you by promoting your Shopify store Facebook page. Remember once and for all: Higher traffic = higher ROI.

Get your store ready.

  • Set a discount in your Shopify store and promise more hot once-in-lifetime deals both in email newsletter you’re going to send and in the ad message for a retargeting campaign. Attract customers to your website and let them view a single product — and we’ll knock them down with retargeting ads everywhere they go: Facebook mobile and desktop, Instagram and even more.
  • Double-check if your Shopify store can cope with an increased demand. How many items are there in-stock? Keep in mind your product catalog is updated every 24 hours, don’t let us advertise an item which isn’t available because you had only 2 in stock and they were sold out lightning fast. You may also ask yourself if you will be available for a chat with a customer on holidays etc.

Of course, nobody knows everything and there is no one-size-fits-all decision for Black Friday deals. Use your imagination and if there is anything we missed in the article or if you are eager to share your experience, feel free to comment. Have got a few friends in Shopify business? Share post with them. Enjoy the holiday season!😉


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