13 Shopify Apps To Help You Sell More

April 5, 2016

13 Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More

Let’s face it: We all need to be better at online sales. Moreover, we all could use some help with it. Shopify app store is full of virtual assistants that can enable us to sell more and do so better. Let’s take a look at 13 best Shopify apps from the following categories:

  • Traffic & Sales Boosting apps
  • Life simplifying apps
  • BONUS: More platforms to sell with

Hooray, let’s get started:

Traffic & Sales Boosting apps

Struggling to get more visitors to your website? Here are the apps that will boost your traffic and bring you more sales:


 1. Wanelo


This is a social marketplace with a huge community with shoppers who are looking for products they “Want”, “Need”, and “Love” — as actually what Wanelo app is. In other words “It’s a way for shoppers to discover and buy products”. If you’re a new e-commerce venture and your friends fall in love with what you’re selling, with Wanelo, your small business will be able to compete for the same attention as the one bigger players get without bloated marketing budgets.

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:


Apply to Wanelo


 2.  Spring


The easiest way to describe the app is to say that this is Instagram for shopping. Spring’s goal is to make buying clothes on your mobile phone fun and smile. Users shop for new arrivals from a variety of brands across categories every day. This includes exclusive product launches, secret sample sales, one-of-a-kinds and collections curated by top editors and influencers. The app was launched in 2014 and already includes over 900 brands. They are doing a great job :)

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:


  • Perfect for young brands, restricted for drop-shippers

Apply to Spring


3. Have2Have.It


This app adds 1 more channel to your Shopify store — Instagram (yup, that’s possible). Have2HaveIt creates an Instagram-like page where all the publications are clickable, so the subscribers can get more info about the product and proceed directly to the purchase. In a nutshell, it’s a “Buy Now” for your Instagram posts. Here’s a live example: Nylon Magazine (Just click to link in bio)

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:


Get Have2Have.it


4. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

We all remember those great “Buy two — get one free” promos and offers to get a 25% discount for purchases over $200. Well, guess what — they work. The studies show that 76% of consumers think that loyalty programs are a part of their relationship with brands., Sweet Tooth was designed exactly for such type of promotions. You can reward customers’ actions like account registrations or sharing the store to friends with points. This not only drives more traffic, but also keeps the customers coming back again and again, boosting lifetime value.

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • 83% of customers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies
  • a really good example of success with Sweet Tooth is jerkyxp.com who saw a 200% sales increase.

Get Sweet Tooth


 5. RetargetApp


In a perfect world, every visitor of your online store is ready to make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter. The truth is, most of your website visitors leave it without performing any actions. RetargetApp was designed to give you that second chance by re-engaging users with the automatically created ads of the products they had previously viewed but didn’t purchase. It also encourages them to come back to your website. In other words, RetargetApp will show the right ads to the right customers at the right time for the right price. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • It has proven to be effective on multiple occasions with the average ROI of 1000%.
  • Your bids are automatically optimized to reduce the average cost per visitor to nearly a half of what the industry standard is.
  • Everything is already setup and ready to go, you just need to focus on making a great pitch.


Get RetargetApp 


6. Notify


Notify  shows eye-catching notifications about other customers that just have bought products. For new Shopify stores (the ones without real social proof or live product reviews), such notification will work as a proof of store popularity to encourage conversions. “You know how seeing a packed restaurant makes you want to eat there”? Notify provides the same dynamics for your Shopify store.

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • A/B test experiment shows a 20% lift without actual social proof.
  • The interface is pretty simple, so you don’t need any step-by-step guide or additional support :)


  • Enable notifications on as many pages as possible (default is entire storefront), use timestamps to show urgency, create a style that fits your store’s brand!
  • Combine this type of social proof with others like order shipped daily, product reviews, social media followers etc. By doing so, you’re saying, “Not only have X people bought our product, but here’s how much they are loving it.”

Get Notify


 7. Boost Sales

Boost Sales

No matter you’re running an offline or online business, upsell & cross-sell are great tactics to sell more to your customers. Boost Sales app is a perfect app to run both upsell & cross-sell deals on your Shopify store. When customers view or add an item to cart, nice pop-ups will show up to catch their attention, suggest products that go together with their bought item at attractive prices (all settings are up to you!).

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • Saving you from the hard work of manually creating offers for each product.
  • Customers reached $6,000 extra sales within a month, by creating irresistible offers with simple but clever tricks. Do you want to achieve the same results?

Get Boost Sales


8. Privy


Sometimes your conversions fail for one reason or another, so a visitor is going to leave your site. But as soon as the user points the cursor at the “Close window” button, Privy will come to the rescue. It will display a pop-up window, which will encourage the customer to leave his or her e-mail. According to the app developers, over 20000 vendors have already installed this popup — they are all keeping it for a reason, right? Also, app includes things like exit intent targeting, offers and other form types that you need to turn website traffic into new leads and customers.

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • 14% of top 1,000 e-commerce sites in the United States use exit pop-ups.
  • The service is integrated with everything like MailChimp, GetResponse, HubSpot, Slack etc.


  • Average signup rate will be 3–5%, boost this to 10% or more by offering a free product, exclusive access to new arrivals and coupons.

Get Privy Shopify app


9. Product Discount

Product Discount

Never let your customers miss out on another one of your awesome sales. Instead of forcing them to remember to use a coupon code, put the sale prices right in front of them! With Product Discount, setting up a sale in your store will be one of the easiest things you can do to increase conversions. We’ve made it simple to offer store wide sales, daily deals, scheduled sales, and so much more.

Still thinking? Here is why you need to use it:

  • The easiest way on Shopify to run all sorts of different sales.
  • Step by step instructions, a dedicated support team, and an easy to use interface will have you up and running in no time.
  • Watch your conversion rate increase as more people take advantage of your great sales.


  • Turn on the “Countdown Timer” to add urgency to your sale and let customers know how much time they have left.

Get Product Discount


Life simplifying apps

List of tools that will save your time

10. Shogun allows Shopify users to build beautiful custom pages with a simple and powerful drag & drop page builder. Shogun has a seamless integration with Shopify, and it works with any theme!



11. Aftership, an app you will love using for two reasons:

  • You won’t have to track your shipments one by one in the courier’s website: it’s all automated in AfterShip.
  • You will be able to notify your customers when your shipment is in transit, about to be delivered, or delivered.



12. With Quick Facebook Live Chat you and your customers can have conversations in Messenger just like friends. You can be anywhere and chat with your customers with your phone and Pages Manager app!

Quick Facebook Live Chat


13. Printout Designer is a flexible document generator that enables  you to  create invoices, packing slips and labels in a matter of seconds. The design process is handled by an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you  to fully customize documents to match the pre-printed paper or integrated labels you had already bought in advance. Developers say that  Printout Designer saves users up to 15 man hours every month.

Printout Designer


Thanks for reading!

Using Shopify Apps, you already appreciate how much easier it is than customizing your store by hiring developers or spending your own time. Let’s say thanks to all amazing Shopify devs who build for you. Just share this article on your favorite social network:)

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Bonus: More platforms to sell with

Here is a bonus with list of platforms you can sell more with. (no need to open a new store, your goal is to promote your brand and Shopify store.)


Bonus: More platforms to sell with


  • Fancy — 10 million shoppers who can “fancy” a product (like pinning an image on Pinterest) or make a purchase. It’s not going to be a channel for every company. Products must have the right vibe to fit in. But if they do, Fancy seems like one channel to investigate.
  • Polyvore — advertise to style-obsessed community of female influencers and shoppers from Canada, US, UK, Australia (20M+)
  • Weheartit — image/quote-sharing platform used by 400M teens
  • Keep — mobile app for shopping trends, offering your store promotion
  • Jet – a fast-growing startup that provides a low-cost marketplace using optimized shipping costs and a membership model similar to Costco. (25M+ Active Shoppers)
  • Moveloot — furniture marketplace
  • Hunt — platform where the people ask each other questions about style

Tip: Use Shopify app Outfy — it helps you to share products to at least 50% of platforms listed above.

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