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Our Facebook Retargeting tool are specially designed to increase online sales.

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads set up automatically (no dev work is required).
  • By optimizing the bids, we’ve reduced the average cost per visitor to nearly a half of what the industry standard is.
  • Your inquiries and questions will get the quickest response (we value your time and are there for you whenever you need).
December 21, 2016,

Are you aware that 50% of Christmas shoppers buy their gifts online? As for the average sum being spent on gifts — I bet you didn’t know that`s $752! Sounds cool as for an online shop owner, doesn’t i…

November 22, 2016,

Holiday shopping spree is coming and you have to get your Shopify store & retargeting campaign ready for it. Why? — The following numbers speak for themselves: the average shopper spends about 42%…

RetargetApp is now a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology
November 1, 2016,

Our mission has always been to make retargeting easy and efficient and it feels awesome to be appreciated for what you do. This month was very special for us — we earned a Facebook Marketing Partner b…

Acquiring Traffic For Dummies: SEO
October 31, 2016,

Want to run a retargeting campaign, but don’t have enough traffic? – This article is here to help you out. You may have an awesome website and an amazing ad message, offer wonderful products or servic…

Retargeting Upside Down with New Facebook  Pixel for Shopify sellers only
May 24, 2016,

Retargeting Upside Down with New Facebook Pixel for Shopify sellers The real magic does exist and its name is Facebook pixel. It tracks users, their actions, tells how many conversions you get and, mo…

13 Shopify Apps To Help You Sell More
April 5, 2016,

13 Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More Let’s face it: We all need to be better at online sales. Moreover, we all could use some help with it. Shopify app store is full of virtual assistants that can en…

Retargeting 101
March 18, 2016,

Retargeting 101 Are you a new Shopify entrepreneur struggling to make at least a few sales? Does the phrase “abandoned cart” cause a painful twitch on your face? Does your sales funnel look more like …

Introducing our very first updates
December 9, 2015,

Introducing our very first updates Just a couple of month ago we were thrilled to celebrate RetargetApp launch on Shopify platform. More than 2,000 business owners are already running Facebook Dynamic…

How to spend $50 on Facebook Dynamic Ads and earn $3.8k?
July 28, 2015,

How to spend $50 on Facebook Dynamic Ads and earn $3.8k? We’ve launched RetargetApp just recently and yet, there’s already a list of profitable campaigns run with it. In this article, I’ll tell you so…